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Bridal & Wedding Jewellery

The jewellery that complements a bridal look is as important as the outfit itself. When it comes to choosing wedding jewellery for brides, start with the overall colour palette. Silver or platinum wedding jewellery with white is a classic combination, while warm-toned metals—such as yellow and rose gold wedding jewellery—can add subtle pops of colour. Next, choose a wedding necklace or a matching bridal necklace and earring set. Intended to complement the neckline of the bride’s outfit, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling diamond bridal necklace that rests near the collarbone. For low or plunging necklines, look to beautiful pendants and Y-shaped necklaces for the bride. A wedding bracelet should complement the couples’ engagement rings and wedding bands, from diamond tennis bracelets to gold bangles to delicate chain bracelets to pearl bracelets for the bride. Match a bracelet to the metal, diamond cut or style of rings, such as modern lines or romantic motifs, to create a harmonious arrangement. For a standout look, don’t stop at just one bracelet. A curated stack of bangles for the bride makes a powerful statement. From a modern bridal jewellery set to vintage-inspired jewellery, these refined designs are guaranteed to have guests turning their heads.