The Tiffany & Co. Timeline

Tiffany Lock


The Tiffany Lock collection debuts. The collection transforms an archival padlock motif into an audacious symbol of togetherness and inclusivity.



Tiffany Knot is introduced. Its entwined ends form a knot that represents the power of connections between people.



Tiffany & Co. launches the Diamond Craft Journey, becoming the first global luxury jeweller to share the countries where their newly sourced, individually registered diamonds of .18 carats and larger are crafted. 



Tiffany’s first new engagement ring design in nearly a decade, the Tiffany True®, is introduced.


An icon for a new era, the Tiffany T collection debuts. It captures the courage, strength and optimism that Tiffany stands for.


Tiffany works with Pantone® to create “1837 Blue” in honour of the iconic Tiffany Blue® hue.


Tiffany is commissioned to create the NBA Championship Trophy. It stands two feet tall and weighs approximately 16 pounds.


Tiffany introduces the gemstone tsavorite and names it in honour of Tsavo National Park near the border of Kenya and Tanzania, where it was discovered.


Tiffany introduces tanzanite, a gemstone discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. To this day, it remains the only gemstone that can be found in just one country: Tanzania.


Tiffany crafts the Vince Lombardi Trophy® for the first NFL® Super Bowl®. It weighs in at seven pounds.


The Tiffany flagship store opens at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, establishing the area as New York’s premier shopping destination.


Dr. George F. Kunz introduces morganite to the American public and names it in honour of financier and philanthropist J.P. Morgan. Discovered in Madagascar, the gem is a rare pink to peach variety of beryl.


Charles Lewis Tiffany introduces the Tiffany® Setting, the engagement ring as we know it today. Flawlessly engineered, the six-prong setting is virtually hidden and allows the brilliant diamond to float above the band and into the light, resulting in a ring so beautiful it has been a symbol of the world’s greatest love stories for over 130 years.


Tiffany redesigns the Great Seal of the United States. It appears on the dollar bill to this day and enables everyone to carry a Tiffany design in their wallets.


Tiffany & Co. starts manufacturing gold fashion jewellery designs, making luxury available to Americans.


Tiffany introduces the Tiffany Timer, America’s first stopwatch.


Tiffany is the first American company to institute the .925 sterling silver standard, which is later adopted by the United States.


Tiffany becomes a renowned destination for diamonds when Charles Lewis Tiffany purchases the gemstones from European aristocrats and brings them back to the U.S., allowing the nation’s elite to purchase major jewels at home for the first time. 

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