Diamond Cut

Why Is Diamond Cut Important?

If a diamond is cut poorly, it will appear dull even if it has a high colour and clarity grade. We are committed to crafting the most expertly proportioned diamonds. When the choice comes down to size or beauty, we choose beauty every time.


“We never say something is good enough. It has to be the most beautiful in the world.”


—Paul Domiciano, model maker

Diamond Cut Chart

While most jewellers accept “excellent,” “very good,” “good,” “fair” and “poor” cuts, Tiffany refuses to compromise by cutting our diamonds to meet exceptional standards. Non-Tiffany diamonds are sometimes cut too deep or too shallow, allowing light to escape through the sides and bottom. They can also have misaligned facets, which interrupts the movement of light.


The gemological standards in this section refer only to individually registered engagement diamonds set in certain ring styles.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Cut Chart
Why Buy a Tiffany & Co. Diamond?

Why Buy a Tiffany Diamond?

The ideal diamond is a Tiffany diamond. Tiffany diamonds reflect light for maximum brightness, sparkle and fire. The standards that set Tiffany diamonds apart are impossible to ignore.