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Part of the Metropolitan Museum’s permanent collection, a poppy capital from Laurelton Hall, Tiffany’s 580-acre Long Island estate.

An invitation to one of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s famously extravagant costume parties.

Louis Comfort Tiffany revolutionized the art of stained glass. He made this window for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Celebrated jewelry and glass designer Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

“Beauty is what nature has lavished upon us as a supreme gift.”

Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, followed his own path to success, achieving worldwide renown for his luminous designs. When he became Tiffany’s first official design director in 1902, he established the Tiffany Artistic Jewelry department in the Fifth Avenue store where his jewelry and precious objects were manufactured.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was a world leader of the Art Nouveau movement. He is revered for his fanciful jewelry as well as his stained glass lamps and windows that brighten museums, banks, hospitals, hotel lobbies and more.

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With glass, gemstones and enamel as his primary tools, Louis Comfort Tiffany celebrated nature and the art of exotic cultures. In his magical world of beauty, bejeweled dragonflies and garnet berries are joined by gem-encrusted jewels and objects inspired by patterns from ancient Egypt to India.

Favrile Glass Perfume Flask An exquisite example of Tiffany Favrile glass, an iridescent handblown glass developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Black Opal Necklace Black opals, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires adorn this Indian-inspired necklace.
Dragonfly Brooch Dragonflies like this one from 1904 were popular at the turn of the 20th century.
Opal and Gold Bracelet Kaleidoscopic stones of varying size appear to bubble up from a sparkling stream, moving with extraordinary grace.
Butterfly Brooch Lifelike wings of “plique à jour” enamel shimmer with a luminescence that suggests stained glass.