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Designs from The Gatsby Collection evoke the slender silhouettes and foxtrot-filled nights that characterized the Jazz Age.

Tiffany Designs Jazz Age Glamour

Tiffany’s spectacular jewelry vividly mirrored the sumptuous fashion and exuberant spirit of the Roaring Twenties. In 2013, Tiffany presented an extraordinary collection that celebrates American glamour at the height of the Jazz Age. Much of the inspiration for these stunning designs came straight from the Tiffany Archives, and the pieces brilliantly express all the energy and optimism of New York City in that most marvelous of times.

As America’s foremost jeweler during the vibrant 1920s, Tiffany dressed the most stylish names of the era in extraordinary designs. The exuberant spirit and cosmopolitan chic of the Jazz Age inspired a modern collection of breathtaking jewels.

The Gatsby Collection The Savoy headpiece was inspired by a 1920s design from the Tiffany Archives.
Modern Brilliance In the 1920s, Tiffany brought sleek diamond cuts to the forefront of fashion. Here, Tiffany designers honor that legacy, contrasting baguette and round brilliant diamonds in a rhapsody of stylized blooms.
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Among the treasures in the Tiffany Archives are drawings of diamond brooches in the American Art Deco style.
The Jazz Age witnessed a frenzy for Tiffany pearls—ropes of them, in fact—as the store advertised in Vogue magazine. Long, luxurious strands were layered lavishly by the period’s most fashionable women.
Show-stopping Style Tiffany’s brilliant diamonds and lustrous pearls were the screen darlings of the Jazz Age. They adorned Hollywood’s leading ladies—and nothing burned brighter in black and white. Even today, Tiffany jewels ignite the red carpet and silver screen with legendary style.
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Creatures of Chic Blithely casting aside old rules of manner and dress, women of the 1920s performed their makeup rites in public. Tiffany’s lavishly adorned powder compacts and lipstick cases celebrated their newfound independence with inimitable style.
New Heights of Glamour The Art Deco period heralded a new wave of sleek sophistication in fashion and jewelry. Tiffany designers take a contemporary approach to its crisp geometry and sensuous, fluid settings.
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